Growing up within walking distance of my grandparents home, I was always exposed to some form of woodworking. Both my grandfather and father had a knack for woodworking and many of my fondest memories were spending time with both of them on projects. I’m almost certain I was born with sawdust in my veins.

As I grew older, working alongside my father was always a treat, just ask my brothers and they will all say – “measure twice, cut once” BUT with Dad it was more like “measure once, cut it 3 or 4 times.” You see, he had tendency to either invert measurements on the tape measure or just write them down incorrectly, this led to many mis-cut pieces of lumber and laughs. I only hope to pass on my knowledge and love of woodworking to my children, but with the emphasis of taking correct measurements.

I find DIY (do-it-yourself) shows fascinating to watch and I tend to build things rather then going to the store and buying them pre-built. My projects have ranged from dressers, tables, coat racks, book shelves, desks and more. I don’t use designs found online, but rather use them for inspiration and create my own pieces. There is a certain satisfaction in building something with your own hands and standing back to see something that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Below are links to just a few projects I have designed and built over the past few years. Feel free to browse around and if you are interested in having work done, please visit my contact page