As part of a large family, there were many times spent around the dining room table, enjoying our mom’s home cooked meals. Later in life as each of us got married and had children of our own, we would get back together at our parents place in Doss, Tx and sit around the same table enjoying food and time with family. After our parents passed away, each of the brothers had the honor of inheriting many of mom and dad’s items, one of those items just happened to be the dining room table dated from the pre-1900’s, which originally belonged to my great grandma. The table sat in storage for a couple of years, before I had the chance to bring it home with plans of refurbishing it. It took about a month of long hours, taking it a part, cleaning most of the would and making a few minor changes. The table now sits in our family dining room and will be used for many family meals down the road. Here’s to another 100 years of use.