After serving 27 years in the United States Air Force, my brother CMSGT Gideon made the tough decision to retire from service. We could not have been more proud of him for the time he served both away from our family, but also his wife and children. As part of his retirement it is customary to give a shadow box, which can be used for his various stripes, badges and medals. Rather then a simple shadow box, I decided to also make it into a cabinet, which also had a drawer for his coins. Adding to the detail of the red oak cabinet, I had pearl material cut into the CMSGT stripes, which I then inlayed on the front of the doors. In addition inside is a special message etched into the door, from our parents who have passed on. This message was composed of their handwriting from several cards they had written us over the years. Both of our parents were extremely proud of him and we know they were celebrating with us in Heaven. This will always be the most memorable piece of work I’ve ever done.